Background: Persons with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) on statins remain at higher risk of CV events. The added residual risk that diabetes mellitus (DM) confers has not been well-quantified. We examined initial and total ASCVD events in statin treated persons with ASCVD and the added risk of DM.

Methods: We studied 3,271 subjects with ASCVD on statins from the Atherothrombosis Intervention in Metabolic Syndrome with Low HDL/High Triglycerides: Impact on Global Health Outcomes trial cohort. We examined rates for first and total ASCVD events. Cox regression examined the risk of first ASCVD events over 3 years with and without DM at baseline.

Results: 40% of subjects had DM. Those with vs. without DM were slightly older, less likely male, white, currently smoking, had higher systolic but lower diastolic blood pressure, lower HDL-C, LDL-C, lipoprotein (a), but higher triglycerides and BMI (all p<0.01). First and total ASCVD event rates are shown (Figure). Total ASCVD events were about 50% greater than initial events, with the difference largest in men with DM. From fully adjusted analyses, DM conferred a 22% greater risk of first ASCVD events compared to no DM (HR=1.22, 95% CI=1.03-1.44, p=0.02).

Conclusion: Despite statin therapy, DM carries significantly greater residual risk over having ASCVD alone. More aggressive approaches are needed to reduce the increased risk with ASCVD and DM.


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