Testosterone (T) deficiency is more prevalent in men with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) than in population. However, there are no data on the effect of hypogonadism on the severity of T2DM complications.

Aim: To study the effect of T deficiency on the severity of T2DM complications in men.

Materials and Methods: A retrospective analysis of 487 case histories of men with T2DM was performed (mean age 54.4±5.7 years). The patients were divided into 2 groups: 1-217 men with hypogonadism, according to the EAU criteria 2015; 2-270 patients, not having hypogonadism. The groups were matched by age, duration and treatment of diabetes, HbA1c and fasting glucose levels. Clinical, anamnestic data, laboratory parameters of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism were analyzed. Statistical analysis was performed using the Mann Whitney U-test and a chi-square test.

Results: The prevalence of hypogonadism in men with T2DM was 44.6%. The analysis revealed an increase in systolic (140 [130; 160] vs. 136 [128; 149] mm Hg) and diastolic blood pressure (87 [80; 96] vs. 83 [80; 90] mm Hg) in the 1stgroup compared to the 2nd (p=0.01). Levels of total cholesterol (5.4 [4.6; 6.4] vs. 5.1 [4.5; 6.0] mmol/l, p=0.04), triglycerides (2.0 [1.4; 3.0] vs. 1.7 [1.2; 2.2] mmol/l) and very low density lipoproteins (1.0 [0.7, 1; 6] vs. 0.8 [0.6; 1.0] mmol/l) (p=0.001); low density lipoproteins (3.1 [2.4; 4.1] vs. 2.9 [2.4; 3.6] mmol/l) (p=0.03) were higher in group 1 compared to 2. Diabetic retinopathy (70.5% vs. 32.6%), nephropathy (92.1% vs. 58.9%) and polyneuropathy (82.9% vs. 65.6%) were more prevalent in patients of group 1 (p<0.01). All diabetes complications were more severe in men with hypogonadism, despite comparable duration of T2DM and parameters of carbohydrate metabolism.

Conclusion: The prevalence of hypogonadism in men with T2DM was 44.6%. The presence of T deficiency in men with T2DM contributes to the progression of micro-and macro-vascular complications of diabetes, and also impairs lipid metabolism.


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