Background: 50% of males with T1D report RH complications (e.g., erectile dysfunction, decreased libido) starting at age 25 years; precursors to more life-threatening complications and affect family planning. Glycemic control may prevent/delay RH complications. AYA males are vulnerable to poor glycemic control. These issues are rarely discussed during routine clinic visits. Raising RH awareness regarding metabolic control and preventing RH complications starting in this age group is imperative.

Purpose: To examine the changes in knowledge and self-efficacy following a new educational/counseling intervention (READY-Guys) on diabetes and RH among AYA males enrolled in a large tertiary university-based children’s hospital transition clinic.

Methods: Diabetes and RH was a teaching module for AYA patients. Fourteen AYA males (17-22 years) completed quantitative measures on RH knowledge and self-efficacy before and after receiving READY-Guys (Reproductive-health Education & Awareness of Diabetes in Youth for Guys); and open-ended qualitative questions for feedback on the RH intervention. A paired t-test compared pre to post RH knowledge and self-efficacy; content analysis was used for open-ended responses.

Results: Both RH Knowledge (t=6.5, p<.001) and self-efficacy (t=2.7, p=.019) improved significantly after the session. Open-ended themes included “session provided new information,” “it was helpful,” “start RH education in early adolescence.”

Conclusion: Attending the RH session appeared to improve AYA male’s knowledge regarding diabetes and RH and their self-efficacy to initiate discussion with health professionals and to take actions to decrease their risks of RH complications. The new RH information was acceptable and informative. To start during adolescence was confirmed by participants. Group discussion sessions during a transition clinic provided a venue to raise awareness about RH.


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David Paul Diabetes Transition Care Research Initiative Fund

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