The study aimed to investigate the effect of 7-point or 5-point glucose monitoring on medical costs, glycemic control and the incidence of hypoglycemia in hospitalized patients with type 2 diabetes (T2DM). A total of 4002 patients with T2DM (1490 male and 2512 female cases) with complete medical records were included between 2012 and 2017. The average age was 61.5 years and the mean disease duration 8.68 years. According to the frequency of daily monitoring of blood glucose during hospitalization, patients were divided into 2 subgroups of 5-point group and 7-point group. Patients in 5-point group received fasting blood glucose (FBG), 2h blood glucose (2hBG) after breakfast, 2hBG after lunch, 2hBG after dinner and bedtime blood glucose tests. Patients in 7-point group received additional tests of pre-lunch glucose and pre-dinner blood glucose. Blood glucose monitoring was performed using Johnson & Johnson SureStep blood glucose meter. Comparison of two groups includes duration of in-hospital stay, medical costs, glycemic control and the incidence of hypoglycemia. Patients in 7-point glucose monitoring group had significantly shorter hospital stay (14.4 vs. 16.6 days, P<0.05) and less total medical costs (10324.4 vs. 12087.5 CNY, P<0.05) compared with 5-point group. Laboratory examination cost did not differ significantly between groups (p>0.05). At discharge, both fasting and 2-h glucose decreased significantly compared with baseline levels in either 5-point or 7-point group. In 7-point group, FPG decreased by 2.41mmol/L and 2hPG by 3.9mmol/L. In the 5-point group, the corresponding figures were 2.07mmol/L and 3.6mmol/L, respectively. The incidence of hypoglycemia were 24.2% in 7-point group and 33.1% in 5-point group (P<0.05). In-hospital 7-point daily glucose monitoring improves patients’ adherence to treatment, shortens hospital stay, reduces medical cost, improves blood glucose control, and reduces the incidence of hypoglycemia.


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