Aim: To compare efficacy and safety of IDeg and IGlarU100 in T2DM patients with Stage 3 or 4 CKD.

Methods: This single-centered, retrospective, observational study evaluates efficacy and safety of insulin glargine and insulin degludec in CKD with eGFR 60 and below. T2DM patients with DKD receiving IGlarU100 or IDeg for 24 weeks and beyond were included. Data relating to anthropometry, blood pressure, renal parameters, and glycaemic control were analysed.

Results: In advanced renal failure, IDeg caused statistically significant less hypoglycemia than IGlarU100. Ironically, reverse occurred in CKD stage 3A which may be contributed by concomitant usage of SUs. Both drugs were found to be similarly efficacious in this population.

Conclusion: IDeg has lower rate of hypoglycemia in advanced renal failure T2DM patients and may be a safer option to use in this scenario.


S. Roy Chaudhuri: None. A. Majumder: None. D. Sanyal: None.

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