Introduction: REG3A (Regenerating islet-derived protein 3A) is a carbohydrate-binding protein belonging to the family of C-type lectins. REG3A has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties modulating glucose and lipid homeostasis. We report a study of the effects of the administration of the human recombinant REG3A protein ALF-5755 on glucose and lipid homeostasis in insulin-resistant mice.

Materials and Methods: 4-week-old C57Bl/6N male mice were fed HFD for 12 weeks. The control group received a standard chow diet. 12-week-old Ob/Ob mice were used. Mice were given ALF-5755 (43µg/day, ALF group) or a formulation buffer (buffer group) by subcutaneous infusion for 28 days. We measured: body weight, blood glucose, fasting insulin, glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity, glucose turnover and uptake during hyperinsulinemic/euglycemic clamps and AMPK activity.

Results: In both models, ALF-5755 administration significantly decreased basal blood glucose with no change in basal insulin levels. The changes in blood glucose levels in response to an oral glucose load in the ALF and buffer groups were similar in HFD-fed mice but were lowered by ALF-5755 in Ob/Ob mice. Insulin secretion at 15 and 30 min was significantly reduced in the ALF group compared to Buffer group in both models. During clamp, glycolytic muscles exhibited an increase in glucose uptake in HFD-fed mice, and an increase in AMPK activity in both models treated with ALF-5755. Insulin sensitivity was increased in ALF group. The plasma TG was significantly decreased in the ALF compared to Buffer group. No difference in body weight was observed whatever the administered molecules.

Conclusion: Administration of ALF-5775 improves blood glucose and insulin sensitivity in insulin-resistant mice. This effect is mediated by an increase of skeletal muscle glucose uptake through AMPK activation. REG3A is a potential therapeutic drug for the management of insulin resistance syndrome.


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