Background: Collaborations between cardiologists (C) and diabetes care clinicians (D/PCP) for patients with T2DM is low, despite availability of antidiabetes drugs possessing CV benefit (SGLT2i and GLP-1RA).

Methods: To address gaps in collaborations between C and D/PCP, a 2x60 min, case-based CME series entitled “Diabetes from the Perspective of the Cardiologist: An Evolving Paradigm?” was launched live, online in July 2019 and remained on-demand for 6 months. The format was an interactive discussion among members of each specialty, exploring how they interact with each other on care decisions. The sessions incorporated audience polling and live questions and answers. Educational evaluation included pre/post/2-mos. follow-up surveys targeting attitude, knowledge, competence, and self-reported clinical impact.

Results: As of 12/2019, 934 learners (L) participated (including 152 C, 344 D/PCP) and 67 L completed the follow-up survey. At 2-mos. post, 81% L reported the education had a positive impact on their clinical practice, including “more collaboration/communication among specialties”, and “more appropriate use of new agents.” While L reported increased confidence about the CV benefit of diabetes medications (95% vs. 84%), the proportion of correct responses to post-activity case-based questions was similar in pre and post activity evaluations, ranging from 20% to 55%. After the activity, the proportion of L who believed that C and D/PCP should independently prescribe GLP-1RA was the same as before (73% to 78%), but that proportion decreased for SGLT2 i (95% to 82%).

Conclusions: CME successfully enhanced C and D/PCP’s appreciation of the importance of the role of each other in CV protection efforts for T2DM people. C and D/PCP grew a greater understanding of the place of SGLT2i and GLP-1RA in CV protection, but their responses to case-based questions, which may reflect their low experience with the agents, justify the need for practical, continuous education.


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