Cotadutide (MEDI0382) is a peptide with targeted GLP-1/glucagon (Gcg) receptor activity that has beneficial effects on T2D and obesity in humans and mice, and shows marked improvements in NAFLD/NASH in mice. We performed hyperinsulinemic clamps in diet induced obese (DIO) mice to better understand whether improved insulin sensitivity and β-cell function are responsible for the improved glycemia in our clinical studies. Following 28 days of daily dosing with Cotadutide (10 nmol/kg), Liraglutide (5 nmol/kg; GLP-1 agonist) or g1437 (5 nmol/kg; Gcg analog) mice underwent continuous infusion of 4mU/kg/min insulin and [3H]-glucose to assess glucose turnover. Tissue-specific glucose uptake was assessed using 14C-2-deoxyglucose. We observed lower body weight in all groups compared with vehicle control, with g1437 eliciting the largest response and Liraglutide the least. Fasting glucose was significantly higher in g1437 treated mice. Fasting insulin was dramatically lower in Cotadutide and g1437 groups compared with vehicle. Despite an equal rate of human insulin infusion between groups, the total insulin levels during the clamp remained lower in Cotadutide and g1437 treated mice. The glucose infusion rate, to maintain euglycemia ∼130 mg/dL, was significantly higher in Cotadutide treated mice in line with increased glucose disposal rate. Hepatic glucose production was suppressed in all groups, despite significantly lower levels of insulin in Cotadutide and g1437 treated mice. Finally, glucose uptake was elevated in brown adipose tissue in Cotadutide treated mice, which was confirmed in a separate study of [18F]FDG uptake by PET imaging. These experiments demonstrate that Cotadutide improved insulin sensitivity in concert with dramatic reductions for insulin demand, which may result in recovery of endogenous β-cell function in T2D.


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