Background: Studies have shown a connection between psoriasis (PsO) and metabolic syndrome (MS), diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease. In addition, MS is associated with autonomic dysfunction (AD). AD has also been associated with chronic arthritis including psoriatic arthritis, but there is lack of similar evidence in patients with PsO. The aim of this study was to look for an association between PsO and AD, independent of the presence of MS.

Methods: Cross-sectional study of subjects with PsO without MS; age, sex and BMI matched healthy controls (HC); and age and sex matched subjects with MS. Subjects underwent skin evaluation by dermatologist, blood work for HbA1c, insulin, glucose, and lipids, sudomotor function testing with SudoscanTM device (Impeto Medical-Paris, France) and cardiac autonomic function testing with ANSAR device (ANX 3.0; ANSAR Group, Inc. Philadelphia).

Results: We included 47 subjects (13 PsO, 16 HC and 18 MS). PsO subjects had worse cardiac autonomic function compared to the other groups, although glucose and insulin parameters were similar to the HC group (Table 1). No differences were seen in sudomotor function between the groups.

Conclusions: PsO seems to have an association with cardiac autonomic dysfunction, independent of its relationship with insulin resistance and MS. Further studies are needed to clarify the significance of these findings and how they relate to MS and diabetes.


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