Introduction: Vaspin and Omentin are adipokines that cause peripheral tissue sensitivity to insulin and are a link between type 2 diabetes and obesity. The question of the consequences of excess accumulation in visceral and glutemoral adipose tissue at the level of vaspin and omentin remains unclear today.

Objective: the content of vaspine and omentin in blood depending on the degree and topography of the deposition of adipose tissue in representatives of the Ukrainian population.

Materials and Methods: An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay of vaspin and omentin levels was determined. Abdominal obesity was determined by the circumference of the waist: in women it was more than 0.80 m, in men - more than 0.94 m.

Results: A direct correlation was found between blood pressure and waist and a hip examination (r = 0.4314, (p <0.001) and r = 0.5130 (p <0.001), respectively). The presence of a relationship between the degree of deposition of adipose tissue on the anterior abdominal wall and the level of circulating omentin confirms the presence of an inverse correlation between this parameter and RT (r = -0.397; p <0.001). The degree of correlation between the level of circulating omentin and the hips was determined: it was higher than with the waist (r = -0.532, p <0.001). The latter indicates that not only visceral, but also gluteal-femoral adipose tissue is displayed at the level of circulating omentin.

Conclusion: The decisive role of abdominal obesity in pathological changes in the production of vaspin and omentin has been confirmed. At the same time, it was found that the circumference of the hips is an informative criterion for changes in the circulation of omentin and vaspin.


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