Aim: To analyze changes on UACR in T2DM patients according to treatment schedule groups (GLP-1RA or SGLT2i).

Methods: Observational, prospective, multicenter study. Patients were stratified according to predetermined treatment schedule groups (successively vs.simultaneously).

Results: 178 patients (58.6% males, age 61.9+/-10.0 years). Table 1 shows baseline findings by groups. Initial UACR was 19.6+/-52.5 mg/g and initial UACR >30 mg/g (n=68) was 95.1+/-222 mg/g. At 26 weeks significant % change in UACR and UACR>30mg/g was found (4.35+/-30** and 48.8+/105.5**), greater when SGLT2i is added (90.5+/-276.5 *) (Table 2).

Discussion: Our results shows that the combination GLP-1ra-SGLT2i reduces UACR, especially if macroalbuminuria is present and is correlated to improvement in either HbA1c, weight and SBP.


J. Carretero Gomez: None. J. Ena: None. J. Segui-Ripoll: None. F. Carrasco-Sánchez: None. J. Arevalo Lorido: None. M. Suarez Tembra: None. J. Varela: None. R. Gomez-Huelgas: None.

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