Background: People with diabetes and severe mental illness (SMI) are less likely to receive appropriate diabetes treatment and experience greater barriers in diabetes management compared to people without SMI. Research is needed in diabetes related patient reported outcomes to improve the diabetes support in this population.

Aim: To explore overall wellbeing, levels of diabetes distress and diabetes support needs in people with diabetes and SMI.

Methods: People with diabetes and SMI treated in psychiatric out-patient clinics in the Capital Region of Denmark (n=87, mean age 52, 59% men) completed a questionnaire on psychosocial health (self-rated health, WHO-5, PAID-5), diabetes’ impact on everyday life (1=no impact to 10=high impact), relevance of diabetes support from psychiatric nurses (1=not relevant to 10=very relevant) and level of diabetes support from health care providers (“no support”, “some support”, “high support”). Participants could also indicate if they did not have contact with the health care providers (not included in analyses).

Results: Self-reported health was reported to be poor or fairly poor by 64 % and 70 % reported low well-being (WHO-5<50). Compared to people with diabetes without SMI more participants reported high diabetes distress, PAID≥ 8 (51% vs. 26%). Diabetes’ impact on everyday life was reported high (>8) by 28% and low (<3) by 30%. Of the participants, 68% (n=21), 59% (n=40) and 26%(n=18) reported psychologists, psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses provided no diabetes support. One third (33%) reported it was highly relevant to receive diabetes support from the psychiatric nurses (>8) and 18% reported very little relevance (<3).

Conclusion: Low quality of life and high diabetes distress is common in people with diabetes and SMI and many do not receive diabetes support as part of psychiatric care. Enhancing diabetes support from psychiatric nurses may be relevant to improve diabetes support in people with diabetes and SMI.


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