Digitalization has an increasing relevance in diabetes care. However, little is known if attitudes towards digitalization in diabetes care differ between people with diabetes (PWD) and health care professionals (HCP). As part of the annual digitalization report an online survey about the attitudes towards digitalization was completed by 3,427 PWD (PWDT1: 65,6%, ParentsT1:8.1%, PWDT2 25,5%) and 326 HCP. Attitudes towards digitalization were most positive in ParentsT1 (89,5%), PWD1T (85,3) rated it as very important) followed by HCP (75.3) and PWD2T (74.0%; p <0.01). Software for analyzing glucose data was found most important by HCP (72% rated it as one of the three most important issues) whereas PWD rated its importance significantly lower (51.3% PWD1T; 47.0 PWD2T, p<.01). Interestingly were Diabetes Apps only perceived as important by a minority (HCP: 23.1%; PWD1T: 30.8%; PWD2T 32.9%). Online education was found most relevant in PWD2T (32.6%), whereas PWD1T (17.8%) or HCP (13.8%) were less enthusiastic (p<.01). Closed loop systems were rated as very important by 63,3% of ParentsT1, 65.6% of PWD1T, whereas only 41.7% of HCP rated them as relevant. In type 2 diabetes closed loop systems were less important (18.9%; p<.0.05). Interestingly attitudes towards digitalization differ considerably between HCP and PWD. HCP perceived glucose-analysis-software as most relevant, whereas enthusiasm in PWD was less pronounced. Relevance of diabetes APPS were rated as surprisingly low in all groups. Closed loop systems are of special interest in PWD1T, whereas HCP were remarkably HCPs less enthusiastic.


B. Kulzer: Research Support; Self; Abbott, AstraZeneca, Berlin-Chemie AG, Roche Diabetes Care. Speaker’s Bureau; Self; Abbott, Ascensia Diabetes Care, Berlin-Chemie AG, Eli Lilly and Company, Medtronic, Novo Nordisk Inc., Roche Diabetes Care. N. Hermanns: Advisory Panel; Self; Roche Diabetes Care. Research Support; Self; Abbott, AstraZeneca, Berlin-Chemie AG. D. Ehrmann: Speaker’s Bureau; Self; Abbott, Berlin-Chemie AG, Glooko, Inc. Other Relationship; Self; Dexcom, Inc., Roche Diabetes Care. L. Heinemann: Consultant; Self; Becton, Dickinson and Company, LifeCare, Inc., Roche Diabetes Care. Stock/Shareholder; Self; Profil Institute for Clinical Research.


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