Introduction: Reduction of high readings and maintaining blood glucose target levels (fasting and post-meal) are great challenges in managing diabetes. Digital engagement can play a key role in enhancing patient understanding of their condition and helping them make better decisions regarding their actual situation. The Dario platform allows for real time evaluation of blood glucose levels change over time and for a precise intervention based on actual behavioral and clinical indicators.

Method: A retrospective data evaluation (Q1:2018-2019) was performed on the Dario® data base. A population of active users (18 measurements per month with the Dario® System on average) with type 2 diabetes (T2D), non-Insulin treated was evaluated over a full year. High blood glucose readings (180-400 mg/dL, >250 mg/dL), fasting readings (<126 mg/dL) and post-meal readings (<180mg/dL) ratios were assessed in their first month of use until the 12th month.

Results: For 9,200 users with T2D, non-Insulin users, the average ratio of high glycemia events (180-400 mg/dL) from entire set of measurements was reduced by 26% (18.62% vs. 23.43%) while readings of >250mg/dL were reduced by 33% (4.65% vs. 6.93%) over a year. Fasting measurements analysis revealed an increase of 16% in ratios of readings <126 mg/dL per entire set of fasting measurements (40.59% vs. 34.92%) on average. Post-meal readings ratio of <180 mg/dL per entire post-meal measurements increased by 5% (73.75% vs. 70.42%) on average over a year.

Conclusion: Digital diabetes platform results in a large population are consistent with previous studies and show the potential to promote behavior modification in users with T2D. The study demonstrates that digital management platform may assist user to better control their blood glucose levels and sustain behavioral change. This observational data presents an improvement in high glycemia readings ratios, and an increase in prediabetes fasting blood glucose levels sustained over one year.


Y. Hershcovitz: Employee; Self; DarioHealth. S. Dar: Employee; Self; DarioHealth. E. Feniger: Employee; Self; DarioHealth.

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