SGLT2 inhibitors (SGLT2is) increase hematocrit (Ht) and Hb, which may contribute to correcting anemia but also might cause secondary polycythemia. We investigated predictors of Hb after short- and long-term therapy with tofogliflozin (TOFO), a SGLT2i, and explored its impact on Hb in relation to anemia and polycythemia in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Analyzed were 774 T2DM patients (66% male) who received TOFO for 52 weeks in two phase 3 studies. Mean baseline characteristics were age 59 y, HbA1c 8%, BMI 26 kg/m2, hemoglobin 15 g/dL and eGFR 84 mL/min/1.73m2. Participants were divided into the Anemia group (baseline Hb <13 g/dL in men and <12 g/dL in women, mean baseline Hb 11.8 g/dL) and Polycythemia group (>16.5 g/dL in men and >16 g/dL in women, mean baseline Hb 17.2 g/dL). Paired t-tests analyzed differences from baseline to weeks 4 and 52. Generalized linear model explored predictors of Hb at weeks 4 and 52. Correlation analysis was performed by Spearman’s product-moment correlation coefficients. Hb was significantly increased at week 4 [mean, +0.14g/dL*; *p<0.05 vs. baseline] and week 52 (+0.34g/dL*). Higher baseline brain natriuretic peptide and lower Ht and triglycerides (TG) were independently correlated with greater increases in Hb at week 4. Lower baseline Hb and TG were significantly correlated with greater increases in Hb at week 52. Higher baseline TG levels and proportion of fatty liver as a comorbidity were observed with higher baseline Hb values. Hb had significantly changed at week 52 in Anemia (+0.94*) and Polythycemia groups (-0.29*). Change in Hb was significantly correlated with change in TG at week 52 (Rho=0.42, p<0.05) in Polycythemia but not Anemia. Increased Hb after short-term TOFO therapy may be due to hemoconcentration while Hb may be corrected according to baseline Hb levels after long-term TOFO therapy. Lower TG in relation to improved fatty liver may be related to correction of higher Hb levels.


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