In the Results and Fig. 2B of article cited above, the percentage of female American Diabetes Association (ADA) Presidents of Medicine and Science was given as 9%; the correct percentage is 11%.

This work undercounted one female individual serving in this leadership capacity. This miscalculation occurred as the specialized program ( utilized to determine the most probable gender of each name provided an errant assignment. As noted in the methods, manual quality control was performed for names with accuracy scores <95. The software provided male gender for the individual in question, with an accuracy score of 97 that did not hit the threshold for further verification. Therefore, the article Results section, second paragraph in closing, should have stated: “Since the 1970s, 83% of persons appointed as ADA President of Health Care and Education have been women (Fig. 2A), but only 11% of those appointed as ADA President of Medicine and Science have been female (Fig. 2B).”

The authors apologize for the error.

The online version of the article ( has been updated to correct the error in the text and figure.

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