Purpose: Patients referred for pancreas transplantation represent a subset of difficult to treat diabetics, who may have clinical factors preventing them from achieving a goal Hgb A1C of ≤7%. Advanced insulin delivery systems with continuous glucose monitor (CGM) have been developed to offer less invasive treatment options in this population. We wanted to see how pancreas transplant performed compared to alternative modalities.

Methods: We conducted a retrospective review of pancreas transplantation at our institution from January 1, 20 through August 1, 2021. All patients were ≥18 years who underwent either simultaneous kidney pancreas (SPK) , pancreas after kidney (PAK) , or pancreas transplant alone (PTA) . Outcomes were assessed by HgbA1C level at evaluation (eval) , at transplant (pre) , between 3-5 months posttransplant (post) and the most recent (MR) (avg 62 months SD 75.4 months) .

Results: 133 patients underwent pancreas transplant during the study period, 85 SPK (62%) 39 PAK (30%) and PTA (8%) . (14%) patients suffered graft loss in the first year and were excluded from analysis. Overall, 1, and 5-year pancreas graft survival was 86% and 82%. 96 (84%) had type 1 diabetes (T1D) and 18 (16%) had type 2 diabetes (T2D) . Of the 114 patients, 33 (29%) utilized CGM with or without pump (CGM) prior to transplant and had a lower Hgb A1C (%) than those without (nonCGM) (8.18 SD 1.5 vs. 8.75 SD 1.9 p=0.04) . Hgb A1C then improved for the nonCGM group during their time on the waitlist (8.75 to 8.36 SD 1.8 p=0.004) but not the CGM group (8.18 to 8.SD 1.3 p=0.24) . Post-transplant saw significant improvement in CGM pre 8.to post 5.0 (SD.6 p=2.7E-17) and MR 5.3 (SD 0.7 p=9.9E-14) and in nonCGM pre 8.4 to post 5.2 (SD 0.62 p= 2.9E-29) and MR 5.4 (SD 0.7 p= 7.3E-29) .

Conclusion: Considering the clinical challenges of staying in range for difficult to treat diabetes, leading to HgbA1C goal of ≥7%, solid organ pancreas transplantation offers superior glycemic control compared to advanced insulin delivery systems with CGM.


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