Lifestyle modification –healthy diet and physical activity– can help prevent or delay type 2 diabetes in adults with prediabetes (preDM) . However, 84% of US adults with preDM are unaware they have it. Whether preDM status awareness is associated with leisure-time physical activity (LTPA) levels and dietary intake is unknown. Using data from US adults without DM ≥18 y from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys 2013-2018, we classified preDM as ‘aware’ (self-report of preDM and 5.7%≤A1c<6.5%, n=456) , ‘unaware’ (no self-report; 5.7%≤A1c<6.5%, n=2,223) , and ‘normoglycemic’ (A1c<5.7% but self-reported as preDM, n=191) . We calculated means or medians for LTPA (self-reported minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per week) , dietary intake (total calories, fruit, vegetables, whole grains, added sugars, processed meat, unprocessed red meat from one day of 24-h recall data) , and the Healthy Eating Index (HEI) 2015, a marker of overall healthy diet (higher score indicates healthier diet) . Of adults with or reporting preDM, 77.9% were unaware (mean age [years]: 51.2 [standard error, 0.5]; 44.6% [1.4] female; mean BMI: 30.3 kg/m2[0.2]) , 14.3% were aware (mean age: 57.4 [0.9]; 56.5% [2.6] female; mean BMI: 31.8 kg/m2 [0.5]) , and 7.8% were normoglycemic (mean age: 43.6 [1.4]; 71.1% [3.7] female; mean BMI: 30.6 kg/m2 [0.6]) . PreDM-aware and normoglycemic adults consumed less calories (p=0.002) , added sugars (p<0.001) , and unprocessed red meat (p<0.001) than preDM-unaware adults. PreDM-aware and preDM-unaware adults consumed more processed meat than normoglycemic adults (p=0.002) . HEI scores and fruit, vegetables, and whole grains intake were low overall and across groups (all p>0.05) . Mean LTPA levels did not significantly vary across the 3 groups (p=0.22) . Overall, preDM awareness is associated with lower added sugars, red meat, and total overall calories intake, suggesting that efforts to increase awareness may lead to healthier eating among those with preDM.


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