Background: Several studies have suggested that prevalence of diabetes in India is increasing, a large number of people remain undiagnosed, and overall glycemic control is poor among patients with diabetes. Although there is paucity of data from large population studies. Current study was aimed at analyzing the data collected during the One Nation, One Day, One Million Tests campaign by the Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI)

Methodology: Data collected from the One Nation, One Day, One Million Tests campaign by the Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI) was retrospectively analyzed. A total data of 225955 adults was included in the analysis out of which 142391 (63%) were males while 83564 (37%) were females.

Results: 78694 (34.8%) subjects reported to have preexisting diabetes while 21380 (9.5%) were detected to have diabetes for the first-time during the screening program. Total prevalence of diabetes in the cohort was 100074 (44.3%) .

Among people with preexisting diabetes, 68669 (87.3%) reported to be on treatment for diabetes. 17646 of them presented in fasting state and 14834 (21.6%) of them had fasting sugar above 130 mg/dl. Random blood sugar was tested for 423diabetic subjects on treatment, out of which 28335 (41.3%) had random blood sugar more than 180 mg/dl. Overall, 62.9% (43169) of diabetes patients on treatment had their blood sugar values beyond target range.

Conclusions: High prevalence of newly detected diabetes in the cohort re-emphasizes the need for aggressive screening for early detection of diabetes in the Indian population. Although the number of people who reported to be on treatment for diabetes was better in this cohort compared to earlier studies, only one third of these subjects had their sugar levels under control.


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