Introduction: Research links self-efficacy and diabetes distress to suboptimal diabetes self-care and blood glucose (BG) regulation. However, most studies rely on between-person comparisons that cannot rule out confounding by unmeasured variables or capture the dynamic interplay among these variables in real time. Pairing continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) with ecological momentary assessment, we sought to illuminate pathways of influence among these variables in a diverse sample of adults with T1D.

Methods: Participants (N=127, 41±15 yrs, 53% women, 39% Latino, 35% White, 10% Black) wore blinded CGM for 10-14 days and completed smartphone surveys 5-6 times per day. Using dynamic structural equation modeling, we evaluated within-person pathways shown in Figure 1.

Results: Hypothesized pathways were significant, as were indirect effects of:

  • 1) morning self-efficacy on that day’s mean BG via diabetes distress and self-care and

  • 2) diabetes distress on mean BG via self-care.

Similar results were observed for time in range and SD of BG.

Conclusion: Our findings provide novel evidence for a sequential pathway of influence of psychological, emotional, and behavioral variables on BG regulation, observed over time and within individuals. These results provide a roadmap for interventions that target self-efficacy, diabetes distress, and self-care to improve BG regulation among adults with T1D.


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