Introduction: Hypoglycemia after BI initiation can negatively impact patient adherence to titration and glycemic target achievement. We report on 2 surveys to better understand patient and physician perspectives/experiences of hypoglycemia during BI titration.

Methods: Adults with T2D and ≥2 claims (≥30 days apart in last 12 months) in the Optum Research Database who initiated BI (February-April 2021) , and physicians who treated ≥30 patients with T2D, ≥1 initiating BI (October 2020-March 2021) , completed a mailed survey.

Results: Responders were 416 patients (51% male, 71% white, mean age 70 years, 72% >years T2D duration) and 386 physicians (45% general practice) . Most physicians reported discussing hypoglycemia signs/symptoms (93%) and how to titrate BI in response to blood glucose (BG) levels (81%) with patients. Among patients who experienced hypoglycemia (49%; Table) , 57% felt very/extremely confident titrating BI during hypoglycemia. Only 35% met fasting BG (FBG) targets. Diabetes Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire hypoglycemia score (1.34/6) suggests patients felt hypoglycemia was infrequent.

Conclusion: While physicians educate patients on hypoglycemia awareness and BI titration, nearly half of patients surveyed experienced hypoglycemia during titration, and only a third met FBG targets, suggesting new strategies and tools are needed for effective BI titration.


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