Hispanic/Latinos in the U.S. bear an excess burden of type 2 diabetes (T2D) . In type 1 diabetes and insulin-treated T2D, continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) is an established technology to guide therapy, yet CGM use and studies are rare in people with/at-risk of non-insulin treated T2D and ethnic minorities. In this study, CGM was used to assess breakfast glycemic response in free-living adults with or at risk of non-insulin treated T2D. For 9-14 days, 35 Hispanic/Latino adults (28 female, median HbA1c 6.0% [IQR 5.5%, 6.8%]) wore blinded Abbott Freestyle Libre CGM and logged food via the MyFitnessPal app. Start and peak time of glycemic responses associated with a glucose rise ≥20 mg/dL between 5-a.m. were manually annotated. Median variation between annotated and logged time was 39 [20, 78] minutes. Participants were stratified using HbA1c into at risk for T2D, pre-T2D, and T2D. Median starting glucose (SG) ; maximum glucose rise (Max GR) ; time-to-peak (TTP) ; and incremental area under the curve over 2, 3, and 4 hours (iAUC2hr, iAUC3hr, iAUC4hr) were computed (Table 1) . The T2D group had significantly higher post-breakfast glycemic measures than the at-risk group for all measures. The T2D group also had higher measures than pre-T2D for all but Max GR. Increases in response from at-risk to pre- to T2D in Hispanic/Latino adults suggest post-breakfast glycemic profiles may potentially be used to monitor diabetes progression.


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