Background: Retrospective evaluation of glycemic responses correlated with lifestyle habits can help in mapping personalized glycemic responses (PGR) for individuals. PGR can aid in more specific nutritional interventions in individuals with diabetes ultimately aiding in better glycemic control and weight management.

Methods: Participants (n=108, mean age 47.24± 12.28 years, 55.5% females) were enrolled in PGR based Diabefly program and were provided with support for lifestyle modification through a combination of expert led care and mobile application. The outcomes were analyzed at the beginning and end of the program. Paired t-test was used for analysis with P<0.considered as statistically significant.

Results: After the program, the daily mean calorie intake significantly reduced by 9.34 ± 30.3 % from a baseline of 1466.93 ± 408.16 cal (P<0.001) . Similarly, the daily mean carbohydrate and fat intake significantly reduced by 10.44 ± 31.99 % and 7.95 ± 39.90 % respectively (P<0.0for both) . The daily mean fiber intake improved by 4.74 ± 44.9 % from the baseline (P=0.26) . Further, the mean energy attributed from protein showed a significant increase by 10.36 ± 25.31 % (P<0.001) . Among participants (n=66) who provided complete data of body weight, BMI, and HbA1c a significant reduction was observed by 3.41 ± 3.33 kg, 1.16±, and 2.02 ± 1.73% from a baseline of 76.42 ± 16.61 kg, 27.34 ± 4.40 kg/m2, and 8.78 ± 1.90 % respectively (P<0.0for all) . Waist circumference in participants with complete data (n=53) showed a mean reduction by 4.85 ± 4.45 % from the baseline of 100.3 ± 14.1 cm (P<0.001) .

Conclusion: Significant change in dietary behavior was observed after the completion of the program. Effective weight reduction, waist circumference reduction, and improved glycemic control was also observed suggesting the potential of understanding PGR in an effective manner through the Diabefly program for improved outcomes.


R.Verma: Employee; Fitterfly Healthtech Pvt Ltd, Wellthy Therapeutics Pvt Ltd. A.K.Singal: Other Relationship; Fitterfly Healthtech Pvt Ltd. M.A.Khader: Employee; Fitterfly HealthTech Pvt Ltd. R.M.Ranadive: Employee; Fitterfly Healthtech Pvt Ltd. S.Budyal: None. A.A.Saraf: None. V.Raskar: None. A.Sarwate: None. M.V.Joshi: None. S.Joshi: Consultant; Fitterfly Health Tech Pvt Ltd, Wellthy Therapeutics Pvt Ltd.

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