This open-label, pre-post, pilot study evaluated the impact of a prebiotic fiber blend (including green banana resistant starch & oat beta-glucan) on PPG and TIR measured by CGM (Abbott Freestyle Libre Pro) . Five healthy subjects (3M/2F; 41±7y, fasting glucose 92.2±10.9 mg/dL, BMI 23.9±3.2 kg/m2, mean+/-SD) consumed high glycemic index foods (e.g. cornflakes & rice milk) as the first meal of the day for 6 consecutive days followed by identical meals for 6 consecutive days with 7.5 grams of the prebiotic fiber blend. Addition of the prebiotic blend resulted in a significant 26.4% reduction in the baseline-adjusted 2-hr PP interstitial glucose (IG) area-under-the curve (Fig. 1a; 4125.9 ± 2468.9 vs. 3038.1 ± 1701.8 mg/dL, p=0.043) . Pooled subject 6-day % TIR (IG = 70-140 mg/dL) , % time above range (TAR, IG>140 mg/dL) , and % time below range (TBR, IG<70 mg/dL) showed a significantly higher % TIR (p=0.043) and lower % TBR (p=0.043) with the prebiotic blend (Fig. 1b) . This exploratory pilot study suggests the potential impact of a prebiotic fiber supplement as a complement to other dietary and pharmaceutical interventions for glycemic control. A randomized placebo controlled trial is currently underway to evaluate the impact of a full nutrition meal replacement shake with and without a similar fiber blend in persons with type 2 diabetes.


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