Introduction: Retrospective review of CGM data is associated with improved glycemic control in people with diabetes, but self-initiated data review is uncommon. The objective of this study was to examine the impact of a novel “CGM-powered Insights Report” on program engagement and glycemic control within Livongo for Diabetes, a RDMP.

Methods: Members enrolled in the RDMP and who authorized data sharing of their existing Dexcom CGM automatically received biweekly Insight Report emails. These Reports provided personalized analysis of CGM trends and suggested next steps within the digital coaching program. The impact of engaging with Insight Reports was assessed via (1) odds ratios and Fisher’s exact tests on the relative recency of key RMDP program feature utilization; and (2) linear regression to quantify its impact on changes in glycemic control.

Results: 1105 members (436 T1D, 464 T2D using insulin, 205 T2D not using insulin) who received their first report by February 1, 2022 were included for analysis. On average, members received 7 Reports and opened 51% of them. Members who opened at least one Report (vs. opened no Reports) were more likely to subsequently utilize the mobile app (OR 1.6) , web portal (OR 1.9) , food logger (OR 1.8) and 1-on-1 coach chat feature (OR 3.2) (all p < .05) . After controlling for demographic and clinical characteristics, baseline glucose metrics, and number of Reports received, members who opened more Reports were more likely to show improvements in mean sensor glucose, Time In Range, and Time Above Range (all p < .05) .

Conclusions: For CGM users within an RDMP, engagement with a personalized Insights Report is associated with increased engagement across other program features, and improvements in glycemic control. Beyond the benefits of CGM itself, surfacing actionable insights within an RDMP adds value by driving members towards increased program engagement, specifically digital coaching.


R. J. Ellis: Employee; Teladoc Health. T. Kompala: Consultant; Eli Lilly and Company, Employee; Teladoc Health. K. Weng: Employee; Teladoc Health. R. J. Brooks: Employee; Teladoc Health, Stock/Shareholder; Dexcom, Inc., Teladoc Health. A. Salehi: Employee; Livongo. R. James: Employee; Livongo, Teladoc Health. H. Liu: Employee; Teladoc Health, Stock/Shareholder; Teladoc Health.

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