Total fats, phospholipids, cholesterol, neutral fat and total water content have been determined in newborns of alloxan-diabetic rats and in control newborns. The newborns were divided into two groups: one with overweight newborns (> 5.30 gm.), the second with mainly average and abnormally small newborns (< 5.30 gm.). The overweight newborns of alloxan diabetic rats showed higher neutral fat content and lower cholesterol content than the controls. No significant differences in total fats, phospholipids and water content were demonstrated between the groups. The findings are discussed in the light of our present knowledge about hormonal disturbances in newborns of alloxandiabetic rats, whose lipogenesis might be influenced thereby. Previously it has been shown that newborns of alloxandiabetic rats are longer than control rats at equal body weight. An increase in the neutral fat content without increase of other lipids suggests increase of depot fat. From these findings it may be concluded that the overweight newborns of alloxan-diabetic rats are abnormally long as well as abnormally obese.

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