1. A higher incidence of Latent or manifest diabetes mellitus has been found in Jerusalem in patients with red faces than among those without red faces. The incidence of diabetes was highest among patients with markedly red faces.

2. Most diabetic patients showed facial redness. In half of them a marked degree of redness was present.

3. Redness of the face appeared to have a familial incidence.

4. Diabetes, red faces, and reddish or red hair were more commonly encountered among patients of Ashkenazi than of Oriental or Sephardi origin.

5. A deliberate search for diabetes in this group of 150 patients revealed thirty-nine new cases of diabetes, mainly latent. All but four of these newly discovered diabetics had red faces of varying degree.

6. The finding of a red face on clinical examination seems to justify a careful search for diabetes in the patient and his family.

7. Diabetic microangiopalhy, increased sensitivity to actinic radiation, dehydration and other possible causes of facial redness in diabetes have been discussed.

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