Plasma ILA has been assayed in the blood of the pancreatic vein in dogs by measuring the fall in blood glucose level in hypophysectomized-adrenodemedullated rats. The infusion of EDTA, L-histidine, glycine and L-leucine into the pancreatic artery increased the ILA in the pancreatic effluent, the increase being most pronounced fifteen to thirty minutes after the cessation of a ten-minute infusion. No increase in the ILA was observed in the pancreatic vein draining the nonperfused pancreatic area. Mesoxalate stimulated the release of insulin, but its effect was not characteristic of the chelating agents with respect to time course of action. Vagotomy abolished the effect of both chelating agents and mesoxalate. These findings indicate the in vivo stimulation of the release of biologically active insulin by chelating agents and mesoxalate.

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