Temporary diabetes was produced in mice by the intravenous injection of alloxan, 75 mg. per kilogram of body weight. The beta cells were degranulated within 6 hrs., but changes in microcirculation did not occur until 24 hrs., and did not appear to play arole in initiating damage to the beta cells. The total number of islets was decreased markedly within one week, but cellular proliferation of ducts and islets began as early as two weeks as indicated by in vivo study and radioautography. Improvement in the diabetic state, manifested by lowered blood glucose, coincided with restoration of a number of the islets. Although the total number of islets was not restored completely, the blood glucose values returned to normal, indicating that the new islets were functioning adequately. Replacement of the insular cells occurred solely by budding of new islets from the ducts,and no evidence of acino-insular transformation, or transformation of centro-acinar cellsinto beta cells, was found.

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