Bilateral extirpation of sympathetic chains from Tl to L6, including stellate ganglia and splanchnic nerves in totally pancreatectomized dogs, induces in blood: no changes in the diabetic hyperglycemia or cholesterolemia, but decrease of fatty acid mobilization from adipose tissue (lower values of FFA and lipemia), and a striking diminution of the diabetic ketonemia. In the liver, as in pancreatectomized dogs, there is less increase of total lipids (and triglycerides) but high values of cholesterol.

Acute hepatic denervation in pancreatectomized dogs does not change the mobilization of fatty acids from adipose tissue (the high levels of hyperlipemia and FFA are similar to those of pancreatectomized controls), but the increase of the ketonemic level is markedly depressed. Glycemia and cholesterolemia are increased as in the pancreatectomized dogs. In the denervated liver there is less increase of total lipids, triglycerides and cholesterol as compared with the pancreatectomized controls.

In the pancreatectomized dogs with chronic hepatic denervation the blood changes are similar to those of the pancreatectomized dogs. There is no attenuation of ketonemia. In the liver the cholesterol content is strikingly diminished as compared with the pancreatectomized controls. The diabetic hyperglycemia is high after pancreatectomy either after sympathectomy or hepatic denervation.

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