An isolated rat pancreas preparation has been employed for the study of insulin Secretion. The preparation consists of the pancreas and the duodenum in which the thoracic aorta is cannulated for arterial inflow and the portal vein cannulated to collect the venous effluent. The administration of ACTH, glucagon and cyclic AMP will increase the secretion of insulin from the isolated perfused pancreas. Theophylline was infused into the pancreas with glucagon and compared with glucagon alone. Theophylline did not have any effect on altering insulin secretion from the pancreas nor did it potentiate the glucagon-induced insulin release. While glucagon, ACTH, and cyclic AMP all stimulate insulin secretion, there is no definitive evidence that the effect of glucagon or ACTH on the beta cell is due to intracellular generation of cyclic AMP.

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