In a group of fifty-eight diabetics (fifty with a family history of diabetes mellitus) in whom the disease was present for at least nine years and in whoin a high prevalence of systemic complications was found, five had steatorrhea. In one of them, the steatorrhea appeared to Be due at least in part, to an-impairment of exocrine pancreatic function. In the others it seemed to be of intestinal origin, although the dotylose test was normal and ieiunal mucosa biopsy did riOt snow significant abnormality. Fecal fat output was measured while the diabetes was rendered poorly controlled, and in two cases the steatorrhea was responsive to improved diabetic control. As far as fat absorption is concerned, no difference was noticed between patients with maturity-onset diabetes and those with diabetes which developed before thirty-five years of age. On the basis of the authors experience and a review of the literature the existence of true diabetic steatorrhea and its diagnosis are discussed.

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