Insulin tolerance tests were carried out in six depressed patients before and after administration of mebanazine and in six before and after administration of phenelzine. There was no change in fasting blood glucose with treatment, but glucose levels after insulin were significantly lower during treatment with both these hydrazine MAOI's. There was no effect on the changes in pulse, blood pressure and sweating in response to hypoglycemia.

The hypoglycemic action of mebanazine was further investigated in five patients from a diabetic clinic who were poorly controlled on sulfonylurea treatment and who were not depressives. Glucose tolerance was improved in all cases five weeks after addition of mebanazine, 20 mg. daily to the regime, and there was a significant (p = 0.031) reduction in blood glucose at all times of the glucose tolerance test. The mean glucose tolerance of four patients showed deterioration after discontinuation of mebanazine. Glucose tolerance did not improve in five patients treated with placebo.

Insulin sensitivity of depressed patients was increased during administration of hydrazine MAOI's and a hypoglycemic action in diabetes was demonstrable in the absence of a depressive illness.

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