A case of juvenile diabetes who developed insulin resistance is presented. Despite insulin requirements of 300 U. a day his diabetes, of one-year duration, was inadequately controlled. On March 17, 1968 transplantation of a pancreatic insulinoma was performed. The tumor was excised from a fifty-three-year-old female patient suffering from hypoglycemic attacks and inserted beneath the fascia lata of the young patient. One week after the transplantation he was aglycosuric. Biopsy of the transplant three months later as well as biologic assess showed viable pancreatic tissue. Ten months after transplantation there was no biologic activity of the transplant; histology showed complete disappearance of pancreatic stroma with fibrous and cellular infiltration.

Despite these findings the patient feels well, works fully in the rural settlement and is controlled with 125 U. of Iletin (highly concentrated bovine insulin, 500 U. per 1 ml.) in one morning injection. It is not certain if the patient's improvement was due to the insulinoma or was coincidental.

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