Catheterization of the portal vein via the umbilical vein was performed under local anesthesia in twelve nondiabetic subjects prior to exploratory laporatomy for a variety of conditions. Immunoreactive insulin (IRI) in simultaneously obtained portal and peripheral vein plasma was determined before, during, and after a two-minute glucose infusion (25 gm.). Two phases of insulin secretion were apparent from portal vein IRI concentrations. A rapid secretory phase beginning one minute after start of the infusion and lasting three to four minutes was followed by a slower secretory phase beginning approximately ten minutes after start of the glucose infusion. The absolute amount of “big” insulin (proinsulin-like material) in the portal vein was similar during the first phase and the early part of the second phase of insulin secretion. A significant positive correlation between portal vein and peripheral vein IRI responses to glucose was noted.

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