Three-hour oral cortisone-primed glucose tolerance tests were performed on a total of 113 children in three age groups; 1½ to less than 4 yrs., 4 yrs. to less than 8 yrs., and 8 to 12 yrs. of age. All children had negative family histories for diabetes, were in good health, and had recent normal oral glucose tolerance tests. A capillary blood micro-technic for blood sugar was used. Oral glucose was administered according to age and weight. The total cortisone dosage was 280 mg. per M2 given in two equally divided doses eight-and-one-half and two hours before the testing.

It is suggested that the blood sugar values for the 1½ to less than 4 yrs. age group be considered separately because of significant differences from the other age groups. The values for the ± 2 standard deviation range for boys and girls from 4 to 12 yrs. of age were: fasting (54.4–114.0 mg./100 ml.); 30 min. (96.1–202.9 mg./100 ml.); 60 min. (74.7–202.3 mg./100 ml.); 90 min. (72.5–169.3 mg./100 ml.); 120 min. (65.8–157.4 mg./100 ml.) ; 180 min. (49.6–122.4 mg./100 ml.).

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