The effect of the pretreatment of mice with diphenylhydantoin (DPH) on the development of alloxan diabetes was studied. DPH, in intraperitoneal doses of 20 to 45 mg./kg., administered one hour prior to alloxan, was found to prevent the development of alloxan (75 mg./kg., intravenously) diabetes. Administration of DPH after alloxan had no effect. The initial hyperglycemie response to alloxan (measured forty-five minutes post-alloxan) was potentiated by DPH pretreatment. Intravenous glutathione, administered one minute prior to alloxan, inhibited both the initial and chronic hyperglycemia produced by alloxan. A structural similarity between DPH and alloxan suggests that DPH may be protecting pancreatic beta cell binding sites from alloxan.

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