Glomerular filtration rate (GFR), renal plasma flow (RPF) and roentgeno graphic kidney size were measured in twelve normal young male subjects and in twelve juvenile diabetics with a mean duration of diabetes of 4.9 years. GFR but not RPF was significantly elevated in the diabetics. Furthermore, calculated kidney weight corrected to 1.73 m.2. body surface was increased in the diabetics, being 391 gm. ± 46.2 (S.D.) [normal value 321 gm. ±54.6 (S.D.) (p < 0.01)]. When GFR was expressed per gram calculated kidney weight practically identical values were found in normals and diabetics. Moreover, there was a clear positive correlation between GFR, RPF and kidney size in both normals and diabetics (p < 0.01 in all cases). There was no statistically significant change in RPF per gram calculated kidney weight. These results suggest that there is a basal connection between enlarged kidneys and theelevated GFR of early diabetes.

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