Fasting plasma glucose levels and glycosuria were measured in untreated diabetic subjects on basal and on fat free, high carbohydrate diets. On the high carbohydrate diet the mean fasting plasma glucose was slightly, but not significantly, increased by 15 mg./100 ml. and the twenty-four hour excretion of glucose was increased by 56 gm./24 hr. (p < .02). Five of these subjects were restudied following insulin or oral sulfonylurea therapy, and four similar patients were studied only while on this therapy. In these treated diabetic subjects receiving the high carbohydrate diet, fasting plasma glucose was significantly decreased by 22 mg./100 ml. plasma (p < . 0 2); glycosuria did not change. Thus, among diabetics, only those who remain untreated have worsened glucose tolerance on fat free, high carbohydrate diets.

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