Alloxan-diabetic rats with fasting blood glucose levels above 300 mg./100 ml. were treated with intrajejunal administration of water-in-oil-in-water (W/O/W) insulin emulsions via an indwelling catheter at a dose of either 25 or 50 U./100 gm. body weight, three times daily for five to fourteen days. The course of diabetes was followed by determinations of glucose levels in blood and urine.

During treatment a significant reduction in urinary glucose levels was observed in all rats studied. In two rats treated with 25 U./100 gm., fasting blood glucose levels did not change significantly. In four of five rats treated with 50 U./100 gm., W/O/W insulin emulsions significantly lessened hyperglycemia during treatment. Quantitative estimates suggested that the effectiveness of 50 U./100 gm. of intrajejunal W/O/W insulin emulsions was comparable to that after intramuscular regular insulin at doses between 1 and 2 U./100 gm.

These results would indicate that diabetes can be controlled by enteral administration of insulin preparations.

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