Repeated intensive pancreatic beta-cell stimulation was carried out in 42 subjects, comprising 22 normal controls, 10 mild to “severe” maturity-onset diabetics, and 10 chronic pancreatitis patients. Each subject received 75 gm. oral glucose twice and 1 mg. glucagon plus 0.5 gm. tolbutamide intravenously three times at short intervals. Each of the three combined stimuli caused almost equivalent marked spikes of insulin release in all experimental groups. The total calculated output of insulin was equivalent to the total daily insulin output in normal subjects. Pancreatitics and those with severe diabetes (fasting blood sugar greater than 120 mg./100 ml.) had qualitatively similar but a quantitatively smaller response. Those with mild diabetes were similar to the normal subjects but had an exaggerated response to the second oral glucose dose, suggesting overactivity of the enteroinsular axis. Despite the inordinate insulin levels, hypoglycemia did not occur.

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