The Diabetes Association of greater Cleveland screened 307,000 individuals in the metropolitan area for diabetes with a 75-gm. oral load of carbohydrate. Of these subjects 12,600 (4.1 per cent) had a two-capillary blood glucose level of > 139 mg. per cent and were defined as positive. Seventy per cent of the positives were retested, and 65 per cent of these again had two-hour levels > 139 mg. per cent. Seventy-one per cent of the original screening values were between 104 and 199 mg. per cent. The rate of positivity on retesting increased with the original screening bracket reaching 90 per cent at an original screening level of 240 mg. per cent or higher. The frequency of positive retests also increased with age irrespective of whether the original screening level was < or > 200 mg. per cent. The implications of this large detection experience for conducting future mass surveys for diabetes are discussed.

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