A group of 34 patients with florid diabetic retinopathy are reported. Nine of these had at least one eye untreated and of these only two maintained vision at one year—the others were blind. Ten patients had 11 florid eyes treated by photocoagulation. At one year six were blind and five had good vision. At two years only three could still see. Of 20 pituitary-ablated patients with 29 florid eyes, only three were blind at one year. Even at five years, 12 of 17 eyes could see and only two patients were blind. The one- and two-year visual acuities were significantly better in the pituitary ablated eyes than in the untreated and photocoagulated ones (p = 0.01 – 0.03). It is suggested that for this rare form of retinopathy pituitary ablation remains the treatment of choice if vision is to be maintained.

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