Nine offspring of two diabetic parents and 18 normals were studied with two intravenous glucose loads (0.5 gm./kg. body weight), 60 minutes apart. By thus stressing the beta cell, subtle defects could be identified in the prediabetics: (1) An inverse relationship between insulin peak response and insulin concentration 60 minutes postglucose was seen, a phenomenon exactly the opposite to that seen in normals. (2) Insulin peak response was delayed slightly after the first pulse and significantly after the second. (3) A less effective handling of the glucose load when compared with normals was brought out by the second stimulation. (4) There was a significant reduction in the insulin response per unit change in glucose after the first glucose pulse that was accentuated after the second pulse. This double-stimulation technique amplifies previously detected slight but significant defects in insulin secretion that might help to identify a diabetes-prone population.

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