Yucatan miniature pigs have been selectively bred for reduced and increased glucose clearance during an intravenous glucose tolerance test. Pigs with low glucose clearance rates (low K) have been selected through the F-5 generation. They have a significantly reduced rate of glucose clearance and a blunted peripheral IRI increase in response to the challenge. Through the F-5 generation, heritability of glucose tolerance is estimated at 0.26. Sporadic fasting blood glucoses in excess of 100 mg/dl are seen in later generations of this group. High glucose clearance pigs (high K) have been selected through the F-4 generation. They have significantly increased rates of glucose clearance and a greater increase in peripheral IRI than the low K animals. The estimated heritability for high K through the F-4 generation is 0.31. No evidence of fasting hypo- or hyperglycemia has been seen in the high K animals.

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