The effect of 16- and 48-h fasting on pancreatic somatostatin, insulin, and glucagon secretion was studied, using the isolated perfused rat pancreas. In the presence of 4.4 mM glucose, basal somatostatin and insulin concentrations in the perfusate were significantly lower in 48-h fasted rats than in fed animals, whereas basal glucagon secretion was significantly elevated in fasted rats. The infusion of 19 mM arginine significantly augmented secretion of somatostatin and glucagon and attenuated insulin secretion in 48-h fasted rats. It is concluded that fasting causes a decrease in basal pancreatic somatostatin secretion in vitro, although the response to arginine is rather exaggerated. Insulin and glucagon secretion also changed during the fasting. These results suggest that not only insulin and glucagon, but also somatostatin contribute to nutrient homeostasis.

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