Na+-K+-dependent ouabain-sensitive ATPase and Mg2+-ATPase have been assayed in the erythrocyte membranes of control subjects and in uncontrolled type I (insulin-dependent) diabetics. A decrease in Na+-K+-ATPase activity was observed in the patients that was significantly correlated with glycemia. The Mg2+-ATPase was increased moderately, and no correlation with glycemia was found. To study the in vivo effect of insulin, ATPase activities were measured in uncontrolled diabetics before and after a 24-h continuous insulin perfusion administered by means of an artificial pancreas. ATPase activities were corrected after normalization of glycemia. It therefore seems that glycemia and/or insulinemia are involved in the regulation of erythrocyte Na+-K + ouabain-sensitive ATPase and to a lesser extent in that of Mg2+-dependent ATPase.

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