The human HepG2/erythrocyte glucose-transporter gene, including the promoter region, has been isolated and characterized. The gene, which is ∼35,000 base pairs, is interrupted by nine intervening sequences or introns. The sequence of the HepG2 glucose-transporter protein predicted from the gene sequence differs from that determined from the published cDNA sequence in having Leu rather than Phe at position 152. In addition, there are several other nucleotide differences between the gene and cDNA sequences in both the coding region and 3′-untranslated region that do not alter the amino acid sequence of the protein. The sequence of the promoter and the site of transcription initiation have also been determined. The promoter region includes a TATA motif and two binding sites for the transcription factor Spl as well as a sequence that is found in the promoter region of several phorbol ester–inducible genes.

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