The promoter region of the human insulin-receptor (HINSR) gene was isolated from a human chromosome 19 bacteriophage library. With S1 nuclease mapping and primer-extension analysis, we identified multiple transcription-initiation sites. Dexamethasone, a known inducer of HINSR transcription, enhanced transcription of all major transcription-initiation sites. DNA sequence analysis indicated that the HINSR promoter has neither a TATA box nor a CAAT box. The HINSR promoter region contains six GGGCGG sequences that may be binding sites for the transcription factor Sp1. In addition, there were three TCCC sequences that were putative promoter regulatory regions. The HINSR gene promoter has structural similarity to the epidermal growth factor receptor gene promoter and has some features of the promoter of the meglutol (hydroxymethylglutaryl, HMG) CoA reductase gene and the early promoter of simian virus 40.

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