We examined the effect of glucagonlike peptides (GLPs), which are cleaved from preproglucagon in the enteroglucagon cells, on rat endocrine pancreas with the isolated perfused system. GLP-I-(7–36)-amide, a truncated form of full-sequence GLP-I-(1–37), showed a potent inhibitory effect on glucagon secretion. This inhibitory effect of GLP-I-(7–36)-amide was demonstrated at concentrations of 0.25, 2.5, and 25 nM in 11.2 and 2.8 mM glucose. In contrast, insulin release was significantly stimulated by GLP-I-(7–36)-amide at its concentration from 0.025 to 25 nM in a high glucose concentration, whereas in a low glucose concentration, the stimulation was seen only at the highest concentration (25 nM). Neither GLP-I-(1–37) nor GLP-II showed any effect on glucagon and insulin release. Although several gastrointestinal hormones have been nominated as incretins, none of them may suppress the glucagon secretion. A truncated form of GLP-I, GLP-I-(7–36)-amide thus seems to be a unique incretin that exerts glucagonostatic action.

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